01. In English, adjectives usually [modify] nouns.
02. Foreign cars sold in this country must undergo certain [modifications] in order to reduce the amount of pollution they produce.
03. The carpenter made some [modifications] to our cupboard, so I could store the vacuum cleaner there.
04. Hugh made the bookshelf [modifiable] so that we can change the shelves around when needed.
05. Alice tried to [modify] her style of dress to please her new boyfriend.
06. Teachers often [modify] their language slightly when they speak to students who are learning English.
07. The right wing has been forced to [modify] its policies somewhat to attract more voters.
08. James Fenimore Cooper once said that principles become [modified] in practice by facts.
09. Only insects have true wings; other flying creatures, like bats and birds, fly using legs that are [modified] to be wings.
10. There is a group of engineers driving across the continent in an automobile which has been [modified] to run on cooking oil instead of gasoline.
11. Many people are concerned about genetically-[modified] foods and their effect on our health.
12. Abraham Lincoln once remarked that human action can be [modified] to a certain extent, but human nature cannot be changed.
13. A simple [modification] of the car's engine allows it to use cooking grease as fuel.
14. The manufacturer is [modifying] its vehicles to reduce the amount of pollution they generate.
15. In English grammar, an adverb [modifies] the verb.
16. Only cars with [unmodified] street engines are allowed to compete in the race.
17. Many problems are caused by the subtle [modification] of a river system as a result of urbanization.
18. The landscape of our planet is greatly [modified] by the tremendous volume of water circulating on its surface.
19. The Earth's shorelines represent a dynamic system which is continually being [modified] by the forces of ocean waves and currents.
20. One of the only ways the surface of the moon can be [modified] is by the impact of meteorites coming from space.
21. In the early to mid 1500s, new types and forms of vocal music which [modified] the dominant Franco-Flemish style appeared throughout Europe.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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